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So here's the good news: I have a new freelance contract that will earn me more monies (glorious monies!), and DH all-but-officially has his own job offer nailed down.

Here's the bad news: my schedule has been thrown into crazy-go-nuts land, and it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to settle into a new routine for a few weeks.

So, for those of you who actually Watch me (oh, faithful few!), this means that the Everyday Vignettes will be delayed just a little bit longer. Let's say no more than a week. I haven't abandoned dA and the Everyday Vignettes project entirely. I just have to find a new normal and work my hobby back into that.

Hang in there, kids. And keep creating!
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Army Reserve wife. Creative. Daydreamer. Weirdo.

I will do slightly unethical things for coffee, chocolate, or a fruity wine.


Father cleared his throat.
"Your mother came to see me."
I jerked my head up and looked at him. My dreams of the three of us supping, working, and living together rushed to mind, and I felt hope rise in my heart.
"Aye. She said we had a lot to talk about. That...she owed me an apology."
Father didn't seem very happy. I then realized that nothing in the house seemed different from when I'd left. No extra belongings, no sign of a third person in our home.
"And, uh, it was good." He fidgeted. "It was good. We said many things that should have been said a long time ago."
"...She's not coming back, is she?"
My father looked at me, and I had my answer.
I said nothing as every vision that I'd nursed from childhood of a family reunited vanished into darkness. I'd dared to hope it could happen after Mother and I had spoken. But it wasn't enough. The tears, the apologies, all the words I'd kept buried for ten years...none of it was enough.
"She promised to visit often, though. And she left this for you."
I looked up to see him holding a cord with a pendant on it. I took it and looked closer. The pendant was a small pink stone, shaped like a heart. I held the pendant in my palm, but nearly dropped it when it suddenly pulsed.
"It moved!"
"Indeed it did. It's called a heartstone pendant. Your mother made it herself. It's enchanted to pulse in time with her heartbeat, so wherever she is, you'll know she's there." With a small smile, he added,
"There's one for me, too."
I held the pendant in my hand. I wanted to be angry, but the heartstone's steady beat pushed back against my anger.
Father said more softly,
"She told me what you two said. Roland..." He sighed. "...thank you."
I felt like I should say something, but I had no words to say. Instead, I just nodded. I put the heartstone pendant on and tucked it beneath my shirt. Then I sat quietly for just a moment, feeling the pulse of my mother's heart.
The Heartstone - Everyday Vignette #37
Experimenting with a different writing style than I'm really comfortable with. I prefer to write more sparsely, but I'm experimenting with going into more detail about what characters are thinking & feeling. I'm not sure I really like it, though.
Everyday Vignettes is back! More to come in a Journal update.
Mella was silent for some time, clutching her sword. Then she spoke, barely above a whisper.

"I don't need to remembered as a hero. I'm just terrified that I'll be remembered as a failure."
Paladin - Everyday Vignette #36
Actually part of a much larger scene in a fantasy story that I'm kinda writing in bits & pieces. Although Mella is my own creation, This character looks eerily similar to how I picture her. As in, if I didn't know better I'd be contacting the artist and telling her to stop reading my mind.

This vignette is part of my revised Everyday Vignettes project.

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